Curriculum Vitae


Study of physics at the Universities Cologne and Freiburg, research at Fermilab/Chicago, PhD at the University Freiburg (1990), Habilitation (1996) at the University Heidelberg, Heisenberg-Fellow at DESY (1997-99) and at the University Karlsruhe (1999-2002), Senior Lecturer at the University Karlsruhe (2003-04), University Professor for experimental physics (high energy physics) at the Physics Institute 3A of the RWTH Aachen University (since 2004).

Experiments: E665, H1, CDF, D0, CMS, Pierre-Auger.

Scientific contributions: photon-physics, the strong interaction potential, hadronic structures, top quark physics, Higgs physics, cosmic magnetic fields, detectors (time-of-flight, tracking detectors with GEM-foils, radio detection of air showers), cloud-services for data analyses (VISPA project), physics analysis software, deep learning methods.

Chair of the Community Organisation DIG-UM on ErUM-Data since 2021, Project Leader ErUM-Data-Hub since 2021, Organizer and Co-author of the textbook series on experimental physics (in German): 1 "Mechanik & Wärme" (2022), 2 "Felder & Wellen" (2021), 3 "Atome & Kerne" (2023 expected), Organizer and Co-author of the textbook "Deep Learning for Physics Research" (2021), Chair of the DPG-Working Group on Physics, Modern IT and Artificial Intelligence (AKPIK) since 2019, Publisher and co-author of the physics books "Physik Denken" for Bachelor students, 2010-2016 CMS representative member in the Analysis Board of the HGF‐Allianz Physics at the Terascale, 2008‐2014 Convenor of the magnetic fields & multiplets physics working group of the Pierre Auger Collaboration, since 2008 Project Leader of the Pierre Auger Observatory at the RWTH Aachen University, 2006-2018 Erasmus coordinator of the physics department at the RWTH Aachen University, 2004-2016 CMS representative member and since 2019 Pierre Auger representative member in the Gridka Overview Board at KIT (Karlsruhe), Referee in the SPS-Committee at CERN (2007-2010), Scientific Coordinator of the H1‐Experiment at DESY (Hamburg) (1997-99).

Personal details: family with 2 youngsters, playing string quartet with friends.